AFTER/LIFE: A New Detroit '67 Play

AFTER/LIFE: A New Detroit '67 Play

Friday, June 23, 2017

Lisa Biggs, Michigan State University, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

Organizer of AFTER/LIFE: A New Detroit '67 Play


The events will be on multiple dates from July 20 - 29, 2017


Joseph Walker Williams Center

8431 Rosa Parks Boulevard

Detroit, MI 48206




In the early morning hours of July 23, 1967, Detroit police raided an unlicensed, after-hours club on 12th and Clairmount. As the police slowly loaded the 80+ party goers into paddy wagons, a rumor circulated through the crowd that the police had sexually assaulted one woman. Years of pent up rage over police brutality and political gridlock brought Detroiters to the street. Over the next four days, stores would be looted, and the city would burn. Women and girls took to the streets because they recognized themselves to be key stakeholders in the city’s life and future. When the smoke cleared, the police had arrested nearly 8,000 people, including 887 women and 83 girls. Forty-three people were dead, including two women and a four-year-old girl.

AFTER/LIFE braids together oral histories, theatre, poetry, and dance to share with audiences what really motivated the rebellion, with a particular focus on the women and girls’ who resisted the brutality of Jim Crow segregation in the North, and worked to transform the city into a more fair, just and equitable place for all.



Tickets are not required, but encouraged as space is limited.

For additional information, please contact the MSU Partnership Office at 313-309-1683

This production is supported by the Joseph Walker Williams Recreation Center, the Knight Foundation, Michigan State University, and the Michigan Humanities Council.