MSU Partnerships Office


at Franklin-Wright Settlements

7375 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202
office 313-309-1675, fax 313-309-1676



8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday



The MSU Partnerships Office aims to provide a high-quality community-based research facility to Michigan State University and community partners. The office is housed in the Franklin Wright Settlements’ facility in an effort to enhance university relations within Detroit & Wayne County. The 3,000 square-foot space provides office space and short-term lease for university partnerships. Units housed in the suite, network, collaborate and develop programs with MSU faculty, students and the Detroit community.

At the MSU Partnerships Office, University Outreach & Engagement (UOE) provides technology support, computer connections to the MSU campus, research observation rooms and small meeting spaces to support the scholarly work of MSU faculty and academic staff. The MSU suite contains four private offices and eleven cubicles (including two reception desks). The office and cubicle spaces are equipped with telephones, desktop computers and file storage units.

Office Space Rental Fees

Office Space Suite Number Rate per month Capacity
Cubicle space n/a $150.00 1 person
Private Office 1682 $250.00 2 desk for two people
Private Office 1636 $250.00 2 desk for two people
Private Office 1674 $250.00 1 large desk for 1 person
Private Office 1683 $250.00 1 large desk for 1 person

The conference rooms are available for use by MSU groups, organizations, units and external groups with accommodations based on availability:

  • Small Conference Room – Eight (8) people w/ chairs & one (1) table
  • Large Conference Room – Twenty (20) people w/ chairs & six (6) tables


Research Facilities

The MSU Partnerships Office serves as an evaluation and research hub for MSU colleges and departments for the metropolitan Detroit area. Two private office spaces may be used for observational study, interviews and data management. The interview room is equipped with a table, chairs and audio, video & digital recording (AVD) with a one-way mirror opposite the evaluation office. The suite has space for storage of a limited number of biospecimen samples, which may be secured in refrigerator to be transported to laboratory sites for analysis. All research materials, AVD recordings and sample kits may be confidentially maintained in locked cabinets and password secured computers with access to approved study team members in the evaluation office.


Occupants at the MSU Partnerships Office