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School of Social Work

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Researchers from the Michigan State University School of Social Work in Detroit serve as evaluation and research partners for community agencies and organizations, including local and state governmental units, law enforcement, corrections, and human service agencies. Led by Dr. Sheryl Kubiak [External Link], associate professor and doctoral program coordinator at the School of Social Work in East Lansing, the Detroit-based research team works collaboratively with agencies and organizations serving individuals at the intersections of the mental health, substance abuse, and the criminal justice systems. It specializes in the clinical and organizational processes associated with each of these systems. A hands-on, informative approach to research and evaluation engages partner agencies and organizations in addressing critical research questions and guides positive change at both the individual- and systems-level.

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Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak, Professor and Doctoral Program Coordinator, MSU School of Social Work

Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak, Ph.D., is a 2002 graduate of the University of Michigan's joint program in Psychology and Women's Studies. She was a NIMH pre-doctoral fellow in gender and mental health. Her current research interests are at the intersections of criminal justice, mental health, and substance abuse—encompassing both individual as well as systems issues. She joined the faculty at MSU in the fall of 2006, after four years as assistant professor at Wayne State University. Kubiak is particularly committed to the well-being of women involved in the criminal justice system and has extensive practice, policy, and research experience in this area.



Liz Tillander, L.M.S.W., Project Director

Liz Tillander is a graduate of Walsh College and Wayne State University. Prior to joining Dr. Kubiak’s team in 2008, Tillander worked in the business sector for 18 years. She currently oversees multiple national, state, and local research projects focused on the intersection of mental health, substance abuse, and the criminal justice system.