RADXUP Community Collaboration Mini-Grants


New funding opportunity for Community COVID-19 Testing


Community organizations can apply for up to $50,000 in funds to support increased testing for COVID-19. In an effort to better reach communities hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NIH-funded RADx-UP program is soliciting applications for its Community Collaboration Mini-Grant Program. These funds are available to community-serving organizations, faith-based organizations, and tribal nations and organizations. Funds can be used to help advance capacity, training, support, and community experience with COVID-19 testing.


These funds can be used to support personnel costs, contracted service costs (transportation, translation, and interpretation, etc.), and non-personnel costs (participant incentives, information and technology equipment, etc.) for example:

  • Funds could be used to remove barriers to COVID-19 communication and outreach, COVID-19 testing and diagnosis, and COVID-19 data collection and dissemination testing;
  • Funds could be used to evaluate strategies for the communication of test results and follow-up measures to underserved and vulnerable populations;
  • Funds could be used to provide training and education for community members around COVID-19 testing topics of interest to the community;
  • Funds could be used to generate communication materials related to COVID-19 testing that will increase understanding of isolation, quarantine, or availability of wrap-around support.


For more examples and application instructions go to: https://radx-up.org/apply-for-grant/


The deadline for applications is April 16th.