Office of the Vice President for Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs - serving Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Counties
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Office of the Vice President of Governmental Affairs


Southeast Michigan Initiative

The Office of the Vice President for Governmental Affairs at the MSU Detroit Center is located right in the heart of the university and cultural district of Michigan’s largest city. The office is responsible for advancing the strategic interests of MSU on the community, regional, state and federal levels, especially as it relates to Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. By providing greater visibility and access in southeast Michigan, the MSU – Detroit Center Office serves as a base for interacting with community and government leaders. In addition, the office has responsibility to encourage economic growth within these counties through strategic partnerships linking university, government, nonprofit, and business assets.

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Charles Rivers, Director of Community Relations – Southeast Michigan

office: 313-578-9708


Chuck Rivers joined MSU in October 2008 as an assistant to the vice president and was promoted to the position of director of community relations for Southeast Michigan. Rivers is primarily responsible for interactions with local political, philanthropic, and community leaders and for elevating MSU’s presence in Metro Detroit (Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties). Prior to joining MSU, Rivers served as assistant to the vice president for human resources at Visteon Corporation. He also served as human resources salaried and hourly personnel manager for Ford Motor Company. He holds degrees in anthropology and history from Bishop State College in Mobile, Alabama, and psychology and sociology from Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, and a Master of Arts in higher education administration from MSU.




Diane Wilson, Special Assistant to the Vice-President of Governmental Affairs

office:  517-432-3756 , mobile: 517-898-4046



Terri Davis-Warren, On-Call Office Assistant

office:  313-578-9732,  mobile: 313-578-9732