Who: This is a co-ed program open to both U.S. and International students entering grades 11 and 12 in Fall 2022 as well as recent graduates.

What: Making a Game of it (MGIT) facilitates students technological growth and provides computer software skills that are directly applicable to STEM related professions. Students participating in this program will:

  • Develop Software in Python
  • Design a video game
  • Be prepared to enter MSU’s Computer Science degree granting program

This program is taught by MSU’s faculty and graduate students who are experienced researchers and teachers interested in sharing computer and coding skills with future engineering students.

When: July 10-15, 2022

Type: Residential

Cost: $979

Application Requirements: (1) High school juniors and seniors with GPA 3.0 or better in engineering core courses such as math, sciences and technology. (2) A transcript (preferably of a full year).

Application Due Date: June 26,2022

How to apply:

Program Contact Information: Luis Donado,, P: 517-353-7282, alt email: FUTURE-ENGINEER@EGR.MSU.EDU