Fun & Easy Science at Home: Decomposition Lab

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Take a minute to think about the food you throw away each day. The amount of food waste that ends up in the trash after breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. Now, take that idea and think about how much food waste occurs in the United States each day! On average, Americans waste about a pound of food each day per person. That is one pound of food waste per person per day. With roughly 300 million people living in the United States, the amount of food wasted each day is huge.

1 (lb) of food multiplied by the U.S population 326,766,748 = A TON OF WASTE (163,383 tons to be exact)

In this experiment, we are going to create a small composting bottle to visually show the composting process and better show how composting can reduce food waste and help the environment.

**To further enhance the experience, make two bottles; One with organic materials, the other with plastic, paper, or other items that take longer to breakdown. Compare and contrast the results of each bottle.**


Please visit for experiment materials and directions.