Green Exercise can Improve Mental Health

Green exercise can improve physical and mental health

Exercising outdoors has many benefits for your body and mind.

Michigan State University Extension acknowledges that physical activity can help keep you healthy. Participating in regular physical activity reduces blood pressure, blood sugar levels and helps with maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, interacting with nature on a daily basis has been shown improve mental health by reducing levels of stress, anxiety and even improving symptoms of depression.

Green exercise, which is considered any physical activity that takes place outside, has been shown to improve both physical and mental health. Activities can be intentional such as visiting a neighborhood garden or riding bike, incidental such as interacting with people while walking to the grocery store or walking in the park, as well as indirect like looking at trees through a window or viewing pictures of nature scenes. It includes a variety of activities such as gardening, cycling, walking, horse riding, flying kites, walking the dog or participating in a neighborhood project like planting flowers.

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